[Event] Just Aion's 7th birthday

    • [Event] Just Aion's 7th birthday

      Hello dear Community,
      this December, it's Just Aion's 7th birthday. We want to celebrate this occasion with you, dear players!

      Luckily, from December 10th until December 31st, alchemists will join each faction in their capitals, bringing a variety of treasure chests with them.
      You can receive a key bundle that contains the key for one of their treasure chests.
      If you find the contents to be useful, you can get more keys, combining 188100126 and 188100127 which can be obtained from 188052642. The key bundle can be found in various instances (see list below).

      Every day you can talk to a Suspicious Alchemist who will give you the [Event/Daily] Alchemist's Gift quest. Completing it will grant you a 188052640 which contains 185000186 or 185000185.

      You can now open a smaller Common Treasure Box or a bigger Premium Treasure Box which can be found near the alchemists. Both contain useful and powerful Items.

      In addition to that Snowrinerk himself announced to support the Deavas this winter with his snowballs.

      Every day, from December 10th until December 31st you can get two 188052986 by completing Snowrinerk's daily quest [Event/Daily] Snowy Wonderland! These snowballs can be enchanted up to level 10. 188052995 contains one 188100148 and one 188100149 which can be combined into 188052999! Possible rare item rewards from that prism can be found in the list below.

      If you fail during enchantment of 188052986, you will receive 182007148. The quest [Event] Another Chance allows you to trade in stacks of 10 of those for another 188052986.

      182007148 will also be included in the rewards for fortress raids during the event!

      Beginning from enchantment level 6, you will already receive reward bundles if entchantment fails. Those bundles contain precious rewards as well!


      188052642Lost Rentus Base100%
      188052642Infinity Shard100%
      188052642Illuminary Obelisk100%
      188052642Danuar Reliquary100%
      188052642Dragon Lord's Refuge (LVL 60 & 65)100%
      188052642Sauro Supply Base (last boss)100%

      Prism's special item rewards

      1x 188054643
      20x 166022002
      1x 169610158
      1x 188054197
      1000000000x 182400001
      1x [item: 188054449]
      1x 188054485
      1x 188054336

      The Just Aion Event Team